Polycrystalline Series



The PLM SERIES Polycrystalline module series is the cost effective solution to maximise return on investment and achieve the required performance for your solar projects.

Now available with black frame and backsheet, the Poly Black brings sleek design and style to any project. Following Perlight’s ethos of improving every aspect of the PV module, not least the outer appearance.

Perc-logoHighly advanced PERC cell technology
Passivated Emitter Rear-Cell technology drives module efficiency to new levels.

In partnership with Tigo Energy, all Perlight Modules feature TS4 Junction-boxes.
fully approved by all major inverter manufacturers. Learn more 

The Ultimate Project Panel

The PLM-260P-60 combines Smart-Ready Technology and High-Efficiency 
thanks to its integrated TS4 junction box and high-efficiency PERC cell technology.
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60 Cell

72 Cell



Frame Size: 1640 x 992mm
Frame Thickness: 35mm
Weight: 18kg
Number of Cells: 60
Cell Type: Poly PERC
Power Outputs: 250W – 270W
Junction box:
Tigo TS4-D


Frame Size: 1965 x 992mm
Frame Thickness: 40mm
Weight: 21kg
Number of Cells: 72
Cell Type: Poly PERC
Power Outputs: 300W – 330W
Junction box:
Tigo TS4-D

Extremely reliable,
Anodised Aluminium,
Screw-less, interconnected frame for long-term flexibility & strength.
8 Mounting holes
20 Drainage spouts
2 Earth points
Clamp Long or Short side

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Tigo TS4 Junction box

  • Cooler running temperature
    PV Modules do produce a lot of heat, which has a detrimental effect on power output and reliability of the PV Module. The TS4 Junction box dissipates heat away from the module. Running on average five degrees cooler than a traditional junction box. 
  • Field-replaceable diode cover
    By-pass diodes are mounted on the TS4 cover meaning that a failed by-pass diode can be safely quickly and easily replaced on-site. 
  • Upgradeable to add functionality
    Any TS4 junction box can be upgraded at any time to add functionality including:
    Module-level Monitoring, RSS Safety Control, Optimisation & Long String voltage control. So if site conditions change, the module can be upgraded to adapt at minimum cost.

Tigo® is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry.


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