SMART Module Overview

TS4-R-O Single Retrofit Optimizer

DUO Optimizer

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Smart PV Modules

See what each panel is doing in detail and improve performance & safety

Smart & Smart-Ready Modules are unique in that you can change the junction box cover to add the functionality you need. Smart-Ready Modules act as normal PV modules but can be upgraded at any time to provide Long String,Optimization, Safety, Fire Safety and Monitoring Features.

The TS4 universal platform enables you to choose the exact options you need for any given project or customer, from safety features to module-level diagnostics and maximized energy harvest. The TS4-B (integrated Jbox) universal baseplate can be matched with one of six TS4 covers containing the application electronics. Together they form a new generation of module-level electronics; the Flex MLPE; flexible, replaceable and upgradable, accompanied by a powerful PV 2.0 communication-centric architecture backend.

The six TS4 covers are:

  • TS4-L: Long Strings (includes all the benefits of Safety, Monitoring and Optimization)
  • TS4-O: Optimization (includes all the benefits of Safety and Monitoring)
  • TS4-S: Safety (includes all the benefits of Monitoring)
  • TS4-F: Fire Safe (No Monitoring)
  • TS4-M: Monitoring
  • TS4-D: Diodes

Keep on top of system health

Monitoring can be configured to send system alerts to system owners and installers. So if one of the power plant inverters fail, the system will alert the installer via SMS.

Being able to check system status from your mobile phone & PC means that issues can be identified and resolved with far less effort and cost no matter the size of the power plant.

Module-level data pinpoints the location of issues, which saves engineers time, especially on medium & large scale installations, where many modules are installed.

Modbus inverters, AC meters, weather-stations and much more equipment can be monitored by the Cloud Connect, enabling a detailed overview of system health, generation and export all in one place.

Choose Any Inverter

The best inverter manufacturers in the market have all approved the use of Tigo Smart Modules with their inverters. This creates the greatest combination of cost-efficiency, reliability, bankability, system flexibility and energy harvest.

Module-Level Monitoring

Tigo Energy’s monitoring software manages utility, commercial, and residential PV arrays, giving system owners unprecedented visibility into module performance. System analytics track production, send alerts and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency and uptime. For increased safety, the monitoring portal can remotely power-off each module individually, eliminating high voltage for maintenance or safety purposes.

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Tigo SMART App

Tigo Energy’s SMART application is the most powerful asset management and commissioning solution for your Smart Solar PV array. Install, configure, and manage your system all from your mobile device. This application not only monitors your array, but enables you to interface directly with Tigo’s Cloud Connect software via Wi-Fi. This enables installers to configure Tigo systems, troubleshoot system issues on-site, set up the connection to the Internet, and much more.

Click here to view the Tigo SMART App manual.

Cloud Connect

The Cloud Connect is the data logger and communication hub of the Tigo smart platform. It controls optimization, provides safety features, and enables module-level monitoring via the Tigo cloud. It also acts as a data logger for Modbus-equipped devices, like AC meters, weather stations, and selected inverters. The Cloud Connect is the next generation Management Unit.

New Features:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Free iOS/Android app for monitoring and
  • commissioning
  • Easy-to-install DIN rail form factor

Cloud Connect Advanced

One of the smallest solar data loggers on the planet, the Cloud Connect Advanced enables valuable insight to collected and transmitted data for real-time analysis.

The Cloud Connect Advanced features:

  • The CCA is part of the Tigo® platform which is supported by all of the major inverter and module manufacturers world-wide.
  • The Cloud Connect Advanced makes deployment even faster.
  • Enables installers to harness more of their system data, and enables integration of major inverters on the market
  • Enables internet connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or optional cellular connectivity with automatic least cost routing of the data built in


The Tigo Energy Gateway provides robust and scalable wireless communications with each smart module. This solution provides clear, concise communication with the smart modules on the array, vastly exceeding the quality of data transmission over previous powerline methods. Each Gateway can communicate with up to 120 smart modules, and easily combines with other Gateways to accommodate larger arrays.